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Reports of Domestic Violence


Reports of Domestic Violence

What does this measure?

The rate of reported domestic violence victims per 1,000 residents. Domestic violence includes assaults, sex offenses, and violations of orders of protection among any family members (not just spouses or intimate partners).

Why is this important?

Domestic violence has unique negative effects on victims and families. Domestic violence can cause serious and permanent emotional and psychological damage, which hurts one's quality of life and ability to contribute to society and perform at work.

How is the region doing?

In 2018, there were 2.7 reported victims of domestic violence per 1,000 residents in the MetroWest region, or nearly 8,500 reported victims. The rate increased from 1.7 in 2000 to 3.6 in 2010 before declining in subsequent years. The region's 2018 rate was lower than Massachusetts' rate (3.6).

Among the region's counties, Worcester County had the highest rate (4.0), while Norfolk and Middlesex were each 2.3. Marlborough in Middlesex County had the highest rate (4.8), followed by Milford in Worcester (4.2) and Framingham in Middlesex (3.8). The lowest rates in the region were found in the Middlesex County towns of Lexington (0.5) and Weston (0.3).

Notes about the data

As a rule, domestic violence tends to be underreported, causing possible inconsistencies in the data and difficulty in making long-term comparisons. Rates reflect reported victims, not the number of individual incidents. For some local communities, domestic violence report data was either unavailable or incomplete. Comparable data for the nation and other areas were not available.

Reports of Domestic Violence
Acton town, Middlesex County1.
Ashland town, Middlesex County2.
Bedford town, Middlesex County0.
Bellingham town, Norfolk County3.
Boxborough town, Middlesex County1.
Carlisle town, Middlesex County1.
Concord town, Middlesex County1.
Dedham town, Norfolk County2.
Dover town, Norfolk County1.
Framingham city, Middlesex County0.
Franklin town, Norfolk County1.
Groton town, Middlesex County0.
Harvard town, Worcester County0.
Holliston town, Middlesex County1.
Hopkinton town, Middlesex County1.
Hudson town, Middlesex County9.
Lexington town, Middlesex County0.
Lincoln town, Middlesex County1.
Littleton town, Middlesex County3.
Marlborough city, Middlesex County6.
Maynard town, Middlesex County2.
Medfield town, Norfolk County1.
Medway town, Norfolk County1.
Milford town, Worcester County1.
Millis town, Norfolk County0.10.3
Natick town, Middlesex County2.
Needham town, Norfolk County0.
Sherborn town, Middlesex County1.
Southborough town, Worcester County0.
Stow town, Middlesex County0.
Sudbury town, Middlesex County1.
Walpole town, Norfolk County2.
Waltham city, Middlesex County2.
Wayland town, Middlesex County0.
Wellesley town, Norfolk County0.
Westborough town, Worcester County2.
Westford town, Middlesex County1.
Weston town, Middlesex County1.
Westwood town, Norfolk County1.

Source: Massachusetts State Police
Notes: Rates are per 1,000 residents.

Number of Domestic Violence Reports
Acton town, Middlesex County39574144506250535239
Ashland town, Middlesex County39554335464152382418
Bedford town, Middlesex County1116151512126101212
Bellingham town, Norfolk County57575360485348497243
Boxborough town, Middlesex County613671687101912
Carlisle town, Middlesex County7535
Concord town, Middlesex County34282334351822281320
Dedham town, Norfolk County58626143444133332534
Dover town, Norfolk County10375665455
Framingham city, Middlesex County1157204249208309311280267
Franklin town, Norfolk County54665042403633563952
Groton town, Middlesex County933111613158714
Harvard town, Worcester County5104710978511
Holliston town, Middlesex County19191322181124221523
Hopkinton town, Middlesex County16252525201622183228
Hudson town, Middlesex County1821471181381246154634352
Lexington town, Middlesex County47562235615
Lincoln town, Middlesex County1414131710167121515
Littleton town, Middlesex County27251914181721152319
Marlborough city, Middlesex County240264269228217238201200205193
Maynard town, Middlesex County27605649483044442533
Medfield town, Norfolk County12201224178
Medway town, Norfolk County232232251462101731
Milford town, Worcester County456212212191111114106114121
Millis town, Norfolk County12
Natick town, Middlesex County928581103828178895978
Needham town, Norfolk County23253021322431251630
Sherborn town, Middlesex County63105688366
Southborough town, Worcester County112121512
Stow town, Middlesex County618115211617241410
Sudbury town, Middlesex County19172219191617172219
Walpole town, Norfolk County671178586857362886972
Waltham city, Middlesex County13715917916215612813012998142
Wayland town, Middlesex County3213411
Wellesley town, Norfolk County21282235232723171416
Westborough town, Worcester County38513229374127393530
Westford town, Middlesex County29393135202323271530
Weston town, Middlesex County13731863654
Westwood town, Norfolk County25202433312018211516

Source: Massachusetts State Police

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